Reduce waste,
Earn profit
with Carbon Diet

Welcome to Carbon Diet! We help you offset your carbon footprint by earning carbon credits through using tumblers at coffee shops and vending machines. Join us in our mission to reduce carbon emissions and create a more sustainable future.

+10K Reduced carbon emssions

+150 Cumulative usage of NFT tumblers

+$5B Accumulated user profits

WEB3 lifestyle app
with embedded
SOCIAL-FI and GAME-FI elements.

CARBON DIET is a project designed to make it easy for anyone to participate in eco-friendly activities to save the planet. It emphasizes reducing the use of disposable items such as paper cups and plastic cups, and users can earn income while reducing the use of disposable items.

Users own an NFT in the form of a tumbler, which they can use at cafes and restaurants to earn game currency (CBD) that they can use in the game or cash out for profit.

Through Game-Fi, CARBON DIET aims to make it easy for more people to participate in the planet-saving project and fight against climate change. It also aims to create a sustainable platform that fosters Web 3.0 content generated by users from a Social-Fi perspective while naturally connecting participants to Web 3.0.

How to Play



Install and launch the CARBON DIET app. Rent or purchase your favorite NFT tumbler on the marketplace to participate in carbon reduction projects and earn CDB/CDT tokens.

Scan QR code after using Tumbler

Select your purchased tumbler and scan the QR code when using it at a coffee shop or vending machine. Scanning the QR code will earn you tokens and accumulate experience points for your tumbler. (Available only at affiliated coffee shops or vending machines)

Earn CDB/CDT Token

You can use the CDB tokens obtained through QR scanning to enhance your tumbler. By enhancing your tumbler, you can receive more tokens faster and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Token Supply

CDT Token

CDT is the base token of Carbon Diet, a payment token with advanced features. Carbon Diet controls the issuance of CDT through a token issuance and disposal mechanism to increase the value of CDT. To use CARBON DIET, a tumbler is required. At least one NFT tumbler is required to receive CDB coins used in the CARBON DIET app. NFT tumblers can be purchased or rented for use.

CDB Token

CDB is a token used in the Carbon Diet ecosystem for repairing, upgrading, and minting NFT tumblers. Users can get CDB by using the tumbler on the app and sell or rent NFT tumblers on the marketplace. CDB is a utility and game token with unlimited supply in the ecosystem.

CDT Distribution Total : 5,000,000,000 CDT


Team Member


Road map

CARBON DIET promotes a project to save the earth by reducing disposable items according to the roadmap. Starting with the launch of the beta service in 2023, we plan to launch and market the service in 2024, and in 2025, expand the scope of service use, expand partnerships, and advance the service. Users can participate in the green movement through the app and be rewarded for their efforts to reduce the use of disposable products. You can enjoy game content or earn money by utilizing the tumbler NFTs you own within the game, and use blockchain technology to ensure reliability and transparency. By converging Game-Fi and Social-Fi, we build a platform that many people can participate in, and utilize Web 3.0 to build an ecosystem where users can share creative content and communicate. CARBON DIET builds a sustainable business model and aims to contribute to global environmental protection through active participation of users and community growth.

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